For the past four years we've been serving a daily dose of art to more than 500.000 people worldwide. For free, without ads.

Now we are asking for your help - we want to make a new, better version of our Android app and improve the iOS one, but we don't have the funds. We need $20,000 to design a new layout and create new features.

Please donate and help us make DailyArt better!

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Help DailyArt To Be Better

Thanks to your help we will be able to:

What will you get if you support us?

Huge Thank You
We will be grateful until the end of the world - and of course will mention your name on our glorious "Supporters' Wall". You can also always contact us and request a painting or an artist and we might feature him in the app :)
Newsletter with our progress
We will send you regular updates of our work. You will be able to follow all our progress, test our new products and and participate in the process of creating DailyArt.
DailyArt for more people!
More than 500.000 people find inspiration and learn because of DailyArt. We want to make art more accessible and share it with more and more people - thanks to your donation we will be able to reach new users. Not only we will be grateful for your help - think about them!

This is us - The Operations:

Zuzanna Stanska
art historian & content writer, 
girl behind the whole thing
Stan Sokolowski
mobile designer, cat lover
Piotr Ostrowski
iOS & Android developer, 
vintage cars fan
Marlon the Cat
The Real Boss
Justyna Krupinska
community & partnerships, Impressionism lover

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What am I going to get if I donate?
Except the satisfaction of supporting the great educational project we will send you emails with information about the development, put your name on the "Supporters' Wall" in the apps and send you a beautiful thank you postcard. 
5. How can I contact you?
If you want to ask us about anything - please contact me (Zuzanna) via e-mail:
2. What are the payment methods?
For the payment we use PayPal, which means you can donate via your PayPal account or credit card. You can also make the payment recurring every month.
4. When I will see the results of the donation?
We are spending money on current needs. Right now are main focus is creating completely new version of DailyArt for Android. We will regularly send you a newsletter with information about project development and changes. 
6. Did you collect some money already?
Yes, we've been crowdfunding since Autumn 2015 - and thanks to that financial help we are keeping DailyArt in shape <3 thank you!
Klaudia Zelazowska
at DailyArt Magazine 


The Technical Team:

3. Have you collected some money already?
Yes, as we are so bad in earning money in the App Store, we've been crowdfunding since Autumn 2015 - and thanks to that financial help we are keeping DailyArt in shape <3 thank you!
Magda Michalska
writer and editor at DailyArt Magazine
-  continue our work in the mobile app, online magazine and on our multiple social media accounts;
-  reach and cooperate  with the best art museum in the world  
-  create the new Android version of the app - as good as the iOS one :)
- improve DailyArt app in terms of usability and new features;
- reward our volunteers;
- feed the whole operational team - three people working full time on DailyArt AND Marlon the Cat.

You can also donate by wire transfer. Here are our bank details: IBAN: PL20 1940 1076 3145 3576 0000 0000
name of the bank: Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA

Brad Allen
writer and editor 
at DailyArt app
PaweĊ‚ Dabrowski
iOS & Android developer