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For the past 10 years we have been sharing our love to art history everywhere. But the app you use now is too old, and soon we wouldn’t be able to use them. Today we urgently need your help to develop the new DailyArt.  Please donate and help us so that we can continue our DailyArt mission!

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How is the campaign going:

4564 Backers
432 Days to
103.98% Costs

We want to make native DailyArt apps that will work flawlessly on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Everything needs to be reworked to create them: the new designs, backend, and the code for the apps. Also, the new DailyArt will be enriched by new features which will make the app more educational and easier to use.

New design but the core features stay

Enjoy the new, shiny and most importantly user friendly look! At the same time the core features, including presenting one piece of art with a short story will remain as they were.

Discover artsy places and artifacts with City Guides

Explore cities and places on a pro level and never miss important museum or masterpiece while travelling.

Discover artsy themes with Collections

Dig into the DailyArt curated Collections and explore art history themes, subjects and topics in a new way.

Improved Search

Explore cities and places on a pro level and never miss important collection or masterpieces while travelling.

For iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and smart watches

Use the app on multiple devices and use all the improved features and new design.

Why everything will cost so much? Don't you earn money?

We do earn money but not enough. To make this huge step and put DailyArt on a new level we need your support.

We need to: develop new backend and content management systems to manage the data, pay for a new UX and design on all devices, and of course, develop new native apps for iOS and Android devices with new features which will make the app much more educative and interesting. We also need to make the performance of the app better in terms of its speed and the experience of current features like search. To meet the needs of our users as much as we can, we will conduct professional UX tests. Unfortunately, there is a lot to pay for 🙁

We just want to make DailyArt a top-notch app that everyone would love.

10 / months of
35 / days to release the app
42 /
people engaged in creating
the app


What is DailyArt app?

DailyArt is a mobile app destined for iOS and Android devices. We have been running it since 2012 – yes, it will be our 10th birthday this August! Since then, the core of the app and our mission have been the same – by presenting one piece of fine art with a short story every day, we want to promote art history and show how amazing and inspiring art can be. We just love art history, and we are so happy that we can spread it everywhere we can!

What is the legal entity behind DailyArt?

The owner of the rights for DailyArt app is Zuzanna Stanska Moiseum, registered under the address: Al. Wojska Polskiego 27/38, 01-515 Warsaw, Poland, TAX number: PL5252357537. Please keep in mind that it is a company, not a non-profit, so your donation can’t be tax-deductible.

I've made a donation but the amount of money collected didn't update. Why?

To cut the costs to develop this website, we are updating the amount of money donated and the number of backers manually – so we are updating this information every couple of hours.

How much of my donation will go toward development of the new version of the app?

100% of your donation will go directly for the purposes of the new app development. We won’t cover any other costs with it. It will be pure development.

What happens if you don't gather all the needed funds?

We will sell our kidneys. Noo, we’re joking, don’t worry 🙂 If we don’t gather the funds on time, we will postpone the release until we will find other sources of money or we will get a bank loan.

How can I learn more about my donation?

Once you’ve donated via our website, you will receive emails from us with important information regarding the app release. Of course, you can always opt out from this newsletter, we won’t feel offended 🙂

Where is my donation receipt?

You will receive an email confirmation after submitting your online donation. This email serves as your donation receipt. You can print or save the email as proof of receipt.

Is my donation secure?

Your security is superimportant to us, and we take every measure to ensure your information is protected. Our donation process complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The process is fully encrypted using industry best practices to ensure your personal and credit card information is kept private and secure. Find out more about payment processors at and

How do I update or cancel my monthly donor information??

You can cancel or modify or cancel your monthly donation at any time. If you would like to make a change to your monthly donation or update your personal information you can do it via PayPal or Stripe or please email zuzanna [at] getdailyart [dot] com.

I bought the PRO in the old DailyArt app. Will I remain premium in the new app?

Yes, despite of changing our business model of the PRO to monthly and yearly subscriptions, all the users who bought the PRO in the old app, will remain PRO forever 🙂

Can I contact you with some questions?

Sure! Please write directly to Zuzanna: zuzanna [at] getdailyart [dot] com. She will answer all your questions 🙂